Klein Glass & Door has years of experience with residential door & glass installation. Our technicians take great pride in the fantastic service they provide.

Window Construction

Energy efficient windows that reduce your utility bills. What’s more to love?

Door Installation

Expert door installation ensures a proper fit that lasts.

Garage Doors

New garage doors to enhance the look of your home.

Door Installation

A door is a path to enter your home. Great care should be taken when choosing such an important item that depicts how your home should feel. At Klein Glass & Door, we have multiple materials and styles to choose from.


Window Repair & Glass Replacement

Klein Glass & Door makes the glass repair or replacement process as easy as possible for our customers. Having a broken window can really detract from your homes appearance. Let us restore the appeal of your home by repairing your windows.

Garage Door Installation

A new garage door can enhance the curb appeal of your home.  New styles and new profiles can change your house.  New garage door openers can make a wonderful upgrade to opening your new door as well.




Whether you want to increase the appearance of a rooms size or would like to add some decorative flair, Klein Glass & Door can deliver solutions that not only wow, but last a lifetime.

Sliding Glass Doors

We carry a large selection of sliding glass door styles, each with their own character and flair. Spruce up you large entry ways and showers with beautiful glass from numerous brands.


Glass Shower Enclosures & Doors

We provided a variety of glass shower doors and enclosures. There are many styles to choose from and can be professionally installed by our service techs.

About this Process

Contact our office via phone or by filling out the contact form on the Contact Us page to get started.  Once contact is made:


  • We will asses your current situation
  • Gather specific details about your needs and project
  • Inquire about the materials you would like to use
  • Follow up with a quote based on the above information
  • If you would like to pursue the quote, we will meet to settle payment details and schedule project with you.

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Related Services

Glass Installation

No job is too small or big for our expert glass technicians. Shower doors, mirror installs, and so much more.

Window Installation

Klein Glass & Door installs only the highest quality windows for your home. We offer a wide selection of styles and brands to choose from.

Door Installation

Professional installations ensures your doors fit right so your energy usage stays down. We have many styles of doors to choose from.


Residential projects can comprise of many steps and decisions. Our team can guide you along the way to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.
If I'm replacing my windows what all should I consider?

If you decide to replace your windows, you’ll have to make several decisions including:

  • Frame types (vinyl, aluminum clad, wood or aluminum)
  • Glazing types (different types of Low E)
  • Gas fills and spacers (argon and warm spacers)
  • Operation types

If you’re unfamiliar with the above terms, no worries! Our team is can guide you through these choices to make perfect decisions for your particular situation.

If I'm replacing a door what all should I consider?

A door is more than just an entry way, it’s the gateway to your home or business. It’s the method in which you welcome visitors into your home or business. A decision as such shouldn’t be taken lightly! Here are some things to consider:

  • Privacy & Security
    • Does you door have glass?  Should the glass be frosted?
    • Should i have a desing in the glass?
  • Installation & Warranty
    • Ask us about the various installation process we use for door installs – give us a call!
    • Warranties vary depending on manufacturer, give us a call and we can discuss your options!
  • Style
    • Your door should reflect or add to the overall appearance of your home.
    • What material should you use? Typically there is fiberglass, steel, wood, or a combination.
    • Do you want glass in your door? What is the purpose of the glass?

Have additional questions about getting a new door? Give us a call today and our team of experts will gladly assist you with all your questions.

Does Klein Glass & Door Guarantee Their Work?
At Klein Glass & Door, we take pride in our work and providing quality products & service is second nature to us. Our products are covered by warranties as guaranteed by the manufacturer.
Do you only perform new installs?
While installing new doors and windows is an all time passion of ours. We also can perform maintenance and repairs to existing installations. Where not limited to doors and windows as well. Anything glass in your home or business can most likely be addressed by our team of experts.

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